Welcome to Bourbon Street in the famous French Quarter of New Orleans, Louisiana  Bourbon Street is in the heart of New Orleans named recently as the murder capital of the United States.  As of September 11, 2022 New Orleans has seen 52 homicides per 100,000 people making it one of the most dangerous places in the U.S. to live or visit. In 2022 homicides in New Orleans are up 141% when compared to 2019 and up 78% when compared to 2021. And to make matters worse the Governor of Louisiana recently vetoed legal concealed carry for those wishing to be prepared to protect themselves. Yep, criminals can conceal carry but not legal law abiding citizens.

If you are planning a trip to New Orleans I urge you to find a safer destination. I used to love walking around the French Quarter photographing all the old historic buildings. I can’t imagine that anymore, walking around the Quarter or anywhere in New Orleans with an expensive camera hanging on my shoulder.

Another dangerous thing to do in New Orleans is to stop and fill up your automobile with gas. Chances are you’ll get held up at gun point while standing around your car and if you are lucky they will only steal everything you have and your vehicle. Recently people have been killed in the process, one elderly woman being dragged down the street to her death.

Please take my advice for the safety of your family and yourself. Don’t visit New Orleans. The politicians here place way more value on the rights and welfare of the criminals than you as witnessed recently when the Mayor went to court and sat with a criminal convicted of armed robbery and car theft while the victim sat across from them in disbelief. You will not be protected in New Orleans. Be smart and keep out.